K. Meador

Bringing books alive, one word at a time. 

K. Meador, aka K-Trina Meador,

is an aircraft mechanic, as well as, an author. She earned her airframe and powerplant license in December 1992. K-Trina has travelled to many states working as an aircraft mechanic, and now, as an aircraft inspector. She currently lives in Yukon, Oklahoma and works at the Will Rogers International Airport.

In addition to aviation, her interests expands to hiking, snorkeling, photography, and traveling. She also works with the local library in teaching classes regarding self-publishing. 



Author K. Meador shares a few photos from her time in Hawaii. Being a contracted aircraft mechanic she had the distinct privelege of spending three months on the island of Ohau while working at the Honolulu International Airport. She met many interesting people and explored the wonderful island. In addition, she flew over to the Big Island and stayed for a couple days in celebration of her birthday. The above photo album is only a small glance at the photos she took while there. 





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